• Bedding – blanket, small doggie bed, lounge chair pad, or rug (no large comforters, please)
  • Old T-shirt or article of clothing with owner’s scent (especially helpful if this is a first-time stay at our kennel)
  • Toys – chew toys, balls, frisbee (safely labelled, if possible)
  • Treats
  • Food – we encourage you to bring their food so there is no change in diet. It is better for your pet. We can provide food at additional cost per day.
  • Immunization records – please see the “Requirements” page
  • Medication – We can administer medications. We require specific written instructions along with the name of the medication.
  • Food and water dishes are not necessary. We provide stainless steel sanitized eating and drinking dishes.
  • Anything else that you may think will make your pet feel at home during their stay!

At this time, we do NOT accept Credit or Debit Cards – Checks or Cash ONLY